Trying to Launch Windows Application on Remote Windows Based Computer

Hello Folks!

I am trying to launch a windows executable program on a remote computer running MQTTBox app.
I have node red installed on sending computer which is also a broker.

I have this below setup on the Broker and it seems to open the calc.exe in the local computer fine but on the remote computer it does not open any thing and only displays the output text.

I have also tried to install complete node-red on the remote computer and connected it successfully, (again receiving text strings etc fine) but application wont launch.
this is what i have on the remote computer

Ideally I dont want to install complete node red on the remote computer and want some kind of small client like MQTTbox, and launch the program remotely.


Looks like I have wrong idea about the capabilities of MQTTbox.

As it is just a simple client and would not be able to launch any programs or terminal commands.

I was able to achieve the needful by installing full node red on the remote PC as well and thereafter I moved the exec command from the sending PC Node red flow to the Remote PC Node red.

As there is no purpose of exec command in the PC that is sending the message.

So now I just send a message from the publisher (sender PC) to the subscriber (Receiver PC) and once message is received it launches the Application that I want to launch through exec node.

I would still appreciate if some one can advise with some other kind of MQTT client that can launch applications. But basically I am looking for something that is like a small lightweight and reliable client.
Also security is a big concern and I want something that IT department would not object upon.

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