Start flow from outside nodered

I need some help.
I have a flow in nodered that needs to start from outside the nodered environment but on the same device (Raspberry Pi).
I am trying to use an HTTP-in-node set as GET and listening on http://localhost:9000
The port I am using is just a random one not used by other services.
I am not sure if I have taken the right direction because I cannot receive anything on the HTTP-in and I am not even sure this is the right way.
I would appreciate if someone can give me directions nohow to achieve this.

HTTP-In is what you need to trigger a message flow.

Is node-red running on port 9000? (what URL do you put in the browser to access node-red?)

Nodered is running on the standard 1880 port.
In the browser I did try several ways. Beside the attempt on the wrong port 9000,
I did also try from the browser http://localhost:1880/api/managednode while listening from port 1880

But I am messing up!

This is my last attempt:

[{"id":"9ef431206eedf8b8","type":"http in","z":"c77ba1683e345234","name":"Input from KIosk","url":"http://localhost:1880/api/managednode","method":"get","upload":false,"swaggerDoc":"","x":700,"y":980,"wires":[["2de63526b04ab878","6018082c4315b254"]]},{"id":"6018082c4315b254","type":"debug","z":"c77ba1683e345234","name":"","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"false","statusVal":"","statusType":"auto","x":930,"y":980,"wires":[]}]

and from the browser: http://localhost:1880/api/managednode

How have you set the HTTP-In node? (screenshot pls)

Also, are you running node-red in docker (HA or other container)?

Ok, so you are not using it right.

  1. image This should be /api/xxx
  2. You MUST have a http response node connected.

See examples in the cookbook and built right into node-red (CTRL+I -> examples -> node-red -> network -> http)


Thanks a million. It works perfectly now.

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