How to make webhooks in nodered

this is how my flow is designed, how can I replicate the first step ( letting a webhook trigger the flow and accept a payload?? )

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If you want your flow to be triggered by a webhook, you should look at the HTTP IN node.
This node allows Node RED to receive HTTP requests, giving you the ability to respond, such as triggering any actions in your flow.

I won't go into the security of setting this up - as your source will need to see Node RED for it to be achieved - and that is a different beast all together - covered many many many times on the forums.

ooo thanks! is there a specific tutorial that will help me do what you mentioned? You nailed it with your response, I never new http in could do that

I was thinking of using an API gateway in the middle to hide the nodered server

Sure, if you go here...

And scroll down to HTTP endpoints - it gives various examples on how it can be used, just tailor the examples to your needs :+1:

In essence, the HTTP IN node listens on a URI http://x.x.x.x:1880/<Your-Chosen-Prefix>
you then hang anything on the back of it.

But again - put security top priority!

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