Webhook NocoDb <> Nodered

Good morning,
I am looking to use a webhook between Nocodb and Nodered.
The information reaches Nodered but it does not manage to correctly consider the content of the shipment.
If I try it with a webhook test site it works fine...

I attach screenshots.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If I am not mistaken, the bottom picture is the result of a request.

But the top picture is an endpoint being called by "something" and that "something" appears to be sending duff JSON.

Q1: Is the bottom picture the HTTP Request to your node-red endpoint?

Q2: Have you done something special in the debug node? Try setting it to show complete message - I want to see if I can spot the raw data (as a string)

Try calling the Node-RED endpoint via a HTTP-REQUEST node in node-red & pass it some payload - you will see, give "good" data, you get a "good" output.


Assuming the bottom picture is the thing calling to Node-RED endpoint, you need to either change the data to form data OR change the header to application/json

Thank you for responding to me so quickly.
Your suggestion of the header to application/json was the right one, thank you. Node Red sees the information correctly now.

thank you

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