SteelSeries Gauges don't show on mobile

Well, title says it all.

Those wonderfull gauges show on a PC dashboard but just don't show on mobile either on IOS or Android.

<script src="/myjs/tween-min.js"></script>
<script src="/myjs/steelseries-min.js"></script>
var cog;
        scope.$watch('msg', function(msg) {
           if (typeof(msg.value) != "undefined")cog.setValueAnimated(msg.value);


    cog = new steelseries.Compass('cog', {
            gaugeType: steelseries.GaugeType.TYPE4,
            size: 400,
            //titleString: "Charge",
            //unitString: "AMPS",
           // threshold: 11.9,
           // minValue: 0,
           // maxValue:  10,
           // thresholdRising: false,
            //lcdVisible: true,


<canvas id="cog" width="190" height="190"></canvas>

Resizing does not help, any clues any one?


Replying to myself: I have mixed two different gauges library in different templates. deleting one did the trick.

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