Stjohnjohnson smartthings mqtt bridge

Has anyone used the stjohnjohnson/smartthings-mqtt-bridge, as i would like to use it on my RP4 using docker and install node red, mqtt bridge and eclipse-mosquitto broker to it, and connect to my smarthings hub through the bridge, I just need help know this works and with the config file, so I'm sure I'm doing the right thing, as I'm very new to this. all help much appreciated. Mark

I'm using it but I don't have it loaded in docker and it sits on my x86-64 machine with Mosquitto, node-red, scripts and such.

Hi ncherry, how have you installed it, i tried through docker, and as soon as it loads it stops, so doing something wrong.

You can do an attach to find out why it failed.

I run these commands:

cd <path>/smartthings-mqtt-bridge 
node ./server.js

I do need to see if I need to update. I haven't done an update in a while.

I don't think it can run on an ARM processor, as was built on a x86-64 machine, ARM is what RPi4 has, took error from log and googled it, I'm playing with node-red-contrib-smartthings, which I've got working, at great surprise to me. Instructions are so vague on these installs its so annoying.

The docker container is for the x86 but the rest of it is just node (Javascript) code. Running it from the command line should work as long as node is on the system. On my x86 I don't use the docker container (i do have docker for other things). I simply cloned the files, cd'd to the directory with the server.js in it. Edited the config.yaml (don't use/reuse privileged ports). and ran node ./server.js

I should spend some time and add it as a service and rsyslogd to filter it to it's own set of logs.