Stop installing/updating a node by requiring specific node-red version

i'm missing something with that part in package json file:

"node-red": {
"version": ">=3.1.1",
"plugins": {
"commonFunctions": "/nodes/commonFunctions.js"

I want the user not to be able to install my node, if node-red version is below 3.1.1. I thought that was enough to put a "version" key in the json file, but either it doesn't work, or i've misunderstood such key.
Is there a way to stop the installation/update of a node, if node-red version is below 3.1.1?

I tried that locally (without install) and it works

"node-red": {
    "nodes": {},
    "version": ">=4.0.0"

But the installer module does not seem to verify it!

Hi GogoVega
Thank you for your answer and to point me out the source code.
@knolleary Nick, can you check that? Thank you very much.

Nick, to resolve this case, I believe we can add the version to satisfy in the catalog?

We can even modify the UI to clearly indicate that this module is not authorized?

I saw that it ignore here (not useful here but always good to know):

I think it can be done here:

I show the update button, disable it and change the tooltip message :grin:
This version must also be included in the catalog

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