Stoptimer / Delay

Hello all,

I am currently working on a project with node-red. What I am trying to create is a simple monitor/alarm box that will watch a current sensor I have plugged into the raspberry pi. What I want it to do is, if the current sensor runs longer then x amount of time it will trigger a relay. I am currently using the node Stoptimer, which works the only problem I am having is when the current switch back off the time then resets for x amount of time before the relay will unclick.

The current sensor will go on and off, but it will only alarm if it runs over 5 minutes. If it goes over 5 minutes it then can clear its self without having to wait another 5 minutes it instantly goes back to normal.

Does any one have an idea to accomplish this.


Not quite clear what the sensor is sending, but if say its sending 1 for running and 0 for not. Then a trigger node set to send nothing on first output and then something after 5 minutes, and reset if it sees a 0 should do what you said.

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Just 1 and 0 is all it’s sending