Store and Push flow

Would be great if anyone would help us to create Store and Push node-red flow for multitech outdoor gateways

Would be great if you could provide more information what you are trying to accomplish.

Our requirement is to create store and Push node-red flow for Outdoor Multitech gateways as they would not have constant network access, the data should be pushed when there is network access.

@dhavalm24 there is still a lot of detail missing here.

The first step is to identify how a flow might know if the network is available or not. You have not said what method the gateway uses to send messages, so we can't suggest anything for that.

Then you need to decide how the messages will be stored on the device. What options have you considered for that?

And you need a flow that knows when the network becomes available so it can start sending messages from the store.


1 - In this use case, we will be using Multi tech conduit which will have Node-Red installed on it. We will be using cellular backhaul on the Gateway.

2 - We will send the messages from Gateway using http integration to the application server.

3 - We were hoping that the function in the Node-Red flow would identify the Network availability using the PPP flag (or something close to this) as the Node-Red app is on the Gateway itself and will store the messages using SD card in the Gateway.