Storing a response to a variable


I am working on something but it seems a little bit too difficult for me....

For the use of an API you first need to send a bearer token message, to receive a new one which is valid for only 24 hours.
I know how to send the first one. When I receive the request, how can I catch the bearer token and use it as a variable (?) for the second request?,ess

(bearer token)



store response "token" into:""/token?auds=ess,inv

(send response to http request 1 "token" as bearer token in 2nd message)

The second call needs to be send approximetaly every 24 hours.

In the documentation you can find details about using context (to store variables for later use)

Is this really about creating a custom node? If not, could you please change the category to "General"? Thanks.

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