Storing data coming from Raspberry Pi on personal computer

I'm using Node Red to interpret and report data from various sensors. Node red is running on a raspberry pi, however, I would like to log the sensor data to a new file on my computer. It seems like this should be simple, but I can't seem to figure out how this is done. I was able to store data on the Pi itself, but I need it be stored on my machine. It would be something like "Temperature vs time" or "Pressure vs time".
Any help would be appreciated!

Is your computer going to be on and available 24/7?

You could run node red on your computer too and send data via many various methods, my favourite (and arguably easiest to get going) is MQTT.

Once you receive it at the computer, you can log it to file or database or whatever.

Read the docs for node red and look at the cookbook. Tons of examples available.

I'm planning on that being the case, but if my computer is off the sensors will be off as well

The MQTT method worked great. Had to install mosquito on the Pi first, but overall pretty simple. Thanks!

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InfluxDB is available for Windows as well as the Pi and would make a useful db engine to store such data and certainly more robust and useful than messing with files. With files, you need to think about file sizes and performance whereas you can configure InfluxDB to take care of all of that for you.

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