Storing measured Data (Python script running on a RasPi) in InfluxDB via Node red

Hey there!
I am running some sensors on my RasPi with python scripts. Now i want to store this data in InfluxDB. I want node red to do this job, how can node red access the data? Is there a way of just implementig the python script directly in node red?


There are several alternatives:

  1. Use node-red nodes to communicate directly with the sensors (depending on what they are).
  2. Run the python scripts using an Exec node.
  3. Modify the scripts so they are long running and then start them as services, or as daemons from node-red. Communicate the data back to node-red using, for example, MQTT.

Do i don't have to run the python scripts on the RasPi if i am working with solution 2 (Exec node). This solution seems tobe the best working for me.

I don't understand the question. Where else could you run them?

It was an unnessecary question, sorry!

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