Strange visual goings on in editor

I've noticed a bit of a glitch

Note how the wire looping back underneath the Blocky node loops much lower down than the green unexpected debug node one
But if I copy it to another tab - effect disappears

Just putting this out here in case someone else ever gets it and only then would it be worth investigating I think :slight_smile:

otherwise just a Glitch in the Matrix :slight_smile:

carefully avoiding the status message under the node.... I'd call it a happy accident.


That looks like an old version (used to happen, been fixed for some time)

Can you confirm what version that is (please dont say 3.1 :worried: )

Ignore that ^

I thought it was the old missing nodes issue

What your seeing is deliberate and was introduced in 3.1 - i'll find the thread, 2 ticks

How can it be deliberate if it behaves differently in another tab?

Yes :slight_smile:
I'd actually like a compromise between the two - currently the debug node one doesn't quite clear the status text and the other one is a bit too much

Diagnosis Goldilocks syndrome.


Because in the new tab, the blockly node has not yet set a Status message, so there's nothing to avoid.

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