Question: Blue dot to the left with a number

I found the following status in one of my debug nodes:

Any idea what is it about?

Open the debug node. Is it set to show a count in status?

Also send you have something affecting CSS or positioning of elements

What node-red version are you using? What browser & version are you using?

Node-RED: v3.0.2
Web browser: Chrome Version 107.0.5304.110
Debug node properties:


I have other debug nodes in the same flow. This is the only one showing this feature.

As a test...

What do you see in the debug node settings if you enable status checkbox?

Next, if you deploy with status checkbox enabled then refresh your browser, what do you see in the editor?

Lastly, if you edit the debug node one more time and turn off the status checkbox, deploy and refresh browser, What do you see in the editor??

Sorry but obviously I am a short brained... this is what was happening:

Reason: Two nodes too close to each other... and SBK of course.


None of us can honestly say we haven't done something similar! :slight_smile:


You managed to both overlap nodes AND scroll that particular debug to the top of the view effectively hiding the other node - clever accident :smiley:

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