Node Status Has Stopped Displaying and no Debug Messages

My node-red editor has been displaying node status for years. Now it doesn't. I checked to be sure the display node status option was turned on. Old status messages still appear one some nodes. I know the flow where they don't display is working because it turns on lights, sends a message, etc. If I click on the hamburger icon in the editor, it say version 2.2.2 at the bottom. I just did a major Ubuntu upgrade today and restarted Node-red, which is running in Docker. I wouldn't think the Ubuntu upgrade would have any effect.

I also noticed that debug messages don't appear in the debug messages window either. I made a simple flow of a inject node connected to a debug node. When I click on the inject, it says 'Successfully injected'. The debug node is enabled and set to display to the debug message window. Nothing appears.


I'll ask: is it a specific node?
Just what you said is still a bit vague.

Two of them are the Time of Day (sun.sun) and call service. Both of these are Home Assistant nodes. In addition, I have a debug node. It doesn't display in the debug messages panel when triggered. This time I made sure it was enabled.

Ah, sorry.... Home assistant.... Not sure.

Check there isn't an update to the node.

Never mind. I did a browser reload and the problem went away. Browser reloads fixes all kinds of problems.


And don't be afraid to ask for help.
You won't be the last to make a mistake. I am here, so rest assured I'll be making a lot of them myself.

And yes, a forced browser refresh does fix a lot of things.

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