"Missing 'Hand' Icon and Status Information in Node-RED UI – Need Help Resolving UI Glitches

Hello everyone,

I've encountered a problem with the user interface in my Node-RED installation concerning the absence of a "hand" icon for launching the timestamp. Instead, there is only a thick cross visible, which prevents normal operation. Here are the details:

Problem description:

Instead of the expected "hand" icon for launching the timestamp, only a thick cross for moving the node appears when I hover the cursor over the appropriate area.
Additionally, there is a lack of status information under the nodes, such as messages after deploying (e.g., "connected, run etc."), even though the nodes function properly. This makes it impossible for me to debug or manually initiate the node in the flow.

Node-RED version: 17.0.13
Browser and version:
Operating system: [please provide operating system and version]
Steps taken:

I refreshed the browser and cleared its cache.
I checked the browser console for errors.
I disabled all saved flows in the Dashboard; they are inactive.
I restarted Node-RED.
Could someone help me diagnose and resolve this issue? Has anyone had a similar situation?

Thank you in advance for any help.

The latest version is 3.1.10

What browser are you using and have you tried a different one?

Node-RED is used in the Home Assistant installation. The Node-RED version is: Current version: 17.0.13. The Home Assistant version is: Core 2024.6.1, Supervisor 2024.06.0, Operating System 12.3, User Interface 20240605.0. The browsers in which the identical problem occurs are Opera Browser and Microsoft Edge

Sorry, I can't help with HA problems. Most here don't use it, preferring to do everything in node red.

This is likely an issue with your installation or docker configuration.

Websockets are used to transmit status (and debug messages) from Node-RED (inside the isolated docker container) to the frontend client (i.e. browser)

Since you are running Node-RED in a container (thats how Home Assistant integrates node-red) you should probably ask over in the HA forums (most folk here install Node-RED themselves and usually outside of docker/HA)

Here's the translation into English:

Thank you for this information. I will check the Docker settings and the configuration of Websockets to ensure everything is set up correctly. I will also take your advice and seek help on the Home Assistant forums. Could you recommend any specific actions or settings I should check in my Node-RED installation in Docker to address this issue? Thank you for your assistance.

Sure. Don't use the HA plugin or docker for Node-RED :wink:

For context - I avoid docker when using Node-RED - not because it doesn't work (it does), but simply because docker introduces other difficulties (like this).

Thank you for the suggestion! I'll consider installing Node-RED directly outside of Docker and the Home Assistant plugin. You’re right, avoiding Docker might eliminate some complications. Could you share any tips or best practices for installing Node-RED in this manner? What are the main benefits of this approach that, in your opinion, outweigh the potential difficulties?

Benefit: more control, less complex, no docker or networking or other container based pitfalls
Con: If you know docker well, it is often a great approach. If you dont, you will likely hit the usual snags (like files not being persisted, difficulty talking to hardware things like com ports/usb, networking woes)

Thank you for your answer, I will perform the actions as you described. Regards.