String Decode Function

On the serial I always receive this string in the same format:


I should break it down according to the native format:

What could be the best way to do it?

Thank you so much for your help.


In a function node with substring should do the trick if the length is always the same.

thanks, do you have a small example to start working on?

This should give you a start.

Basically extract the posts from the string in a function node, use parseInt were necessary to convert strings to numbers (search JavaScript parseInt for help on converting hex string parts to numbers)

var data = msg.payload;
var pl ={};//make new empty object

//Now populate the object with values = data;//keep copy of original data. Handy for debugging
pl.stnNo = parseInt(data.substr(1,2));
pl.cmd = data.substr(3,2);
//... And so on

// Set payload to our new object
msg.payload = pl;
return msg;//return it to next node

So put that ^ in a function node, fill out the rest of the pl object properties, add a debug node & check it's all correctly split up.

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@Steve-Mcl ,
thank you so much for your help, that's just what i needed.

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