String to number with decimals (but without separator)

I have a string in my payload that looks like this:

totalPaid: "268.00"

I need to convert it to a number, and remove the dot (while keeping the two decimals)

Like this:

totalPaid: 26800

Another example:

totalPaid: "350.80"


totalPaid: 35080

Would anyone know how to do this?

in a function node...

msg.payload.totalPaid = parseFloat(msg.payload.totalPaid) * 100;
return msg;




It works fine for some numbers but others come out like this:



Yes, some numbers cannot be represented accurately (this is a floating point thing)

One workaround is to round it...


Tried that now, but it is returned as a string? :confused:

This is the input:

netPrice: "151.20"

This is the code:

msg.payload.netPrice = Math.round(parseFloat(msg.payload.netPrice) * 100);
return msg;

And this is the output (should be 15120 without quotes):

netPrice: "151.20"

The code will return a number - you must have some mistake.


Did you deploy? Are you running new changes?

Your code actually works perfectly outside of my subflow (below). This is what I'm trying to do.

I am using this:

To iterate over an array line_items where there is a key named total inside each object.
For each iteration, I am using a change node to change total into netPrice.


This works perfectly.

Then I need to convert that value (netPrice) into the forementioned format.

Tried placing the function node here, but that did not work:


Placing it before or after my subflow doesn't work either without specifying which object.

There's no need for loops. Use the split node, do your changes, use a join node to put it all back together?

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How do I achieve the same thing with the split node? :confused: I found a solution that works really well for my use case but the number formatting is the only thing missing

Share your flow and some sample data & I'll show you.

To get sample data add a debug node to where the data comes from & use the "copy value" that appears under your mouse pointer when you over hover a debug message property in the sidebar.


It looks like the split node will only split msg.payload but I need to split msg.payload.line_items

How do I configure it to do that?

add a change node to move or set msg.payload to the value of msg.payload.line_items BEFORE the split.

That worked, but now the rest of the payload is gone...

2 things.

  1. If you dont use the reply button attached to the entry the user you are replying, they don't get a notification

  2. If you don't share more info, it is hard to help.




I understand that it's a lot easier to help if I share my flow, but in this case I think that will be difficult because the data I'm working with is pulled from an API that only I have access to.

The only thing remaining that I need help with now is to combine two messages into one.

So I have two messages that each have an array that is called the same (line_items).

I need to combine them so that I get one message, with an array called line_items, that has both of the objects inside it (or more, if one of the message's array contains multiple objects).

I have tried using the join node i manual mode with different type of settings, but the closest I can get is this, where the arrays are placed inside a new array:


But I need the object to be in the array directly, if that makes sense?
Like this (photoshopped):


That's why I said

1st line_items:


2nd line_items:


That doesn't look like source data since it has "netPrice":15920 also, I don't see your flow (can you share what you currently have)

I'm sorry but I odn't think I can provide the info you ask for.

Does anyone else maybe know how I can merge these two into one? :confused:

Why not? Is it sensitive? Or do you not know how?