Strip character from text string

I get some data from a sensor that looks like


I assume the little arrow in the front of the text must be some kind of carriage return? I haven't figured out how to strip that from the payload. That character is always the first but the length of the payload varies

You can do in a function node

msg.payload = msg.payload.substring(1)
return msg;

This will return the string minus the first character.

sorry but the funky character still shows up when I use that in a function

To remove any whitespace before and after, in a function node use.

msg.payload = msg.payload.trim()
return msg;

Or in a chnage node and JSONata


And there is also the contrib string node.

EDIT by @Paul-Reed - correct typo

that's the ticket !!

If what you actually want is the number, then you can use
msg.payload = Number(msg.payload)

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