Struggling to authenticate to API in Node-RED but works in Postman

Would appreciate a little help as a Node-RED noob please.

I'm trying to authenticate to an API within Node-RED and the developers have used either HTTP Basic Authorization or JSON POST.

So my first step was to test the HTTP Basic Authorization in Postman:

I used the POST method
and under Auth selected "Basic Auth"
and then entered my Username and Password

When I click send the Body comes back with an array of objects and the one of interest to me is the token which is a string that I will be able to use to authenticate subsequent queries to the API presumably.

Two questions:

  1. How can I replicate this Basic Auth in Node-RED and return the token? And would it be better to JSON POST instead and if so how to go about doing that?
  2. How can I use the token in my subsequent requests to the API?

There is alot of information online about public API's when you can use a key. Would appreciate any words from the wise.

A basic auth request is already built-in

Did you try this ?