Stuck with "text to speech" (WATSON) node

Many years ago I installed the WATSON text to speech node - for the fun of it.
It works and I was happy. (This is on my main machine.)

(Sorry if I should ask on github and not here.)

I've decided to maybe implement text to speech on another machine.

I know/understand I need an API key.
Can I use the same one?

That aside, I can't remember the key anyway. So how do I go about either getting my existing one or a new one for the new machine?

Ok, I don't have a key just now.
But if I use the node (text to speed - the light green one) and deploy, I get a message saying the flow has been stopped due to missing node type.

Sorry, I don't want to be that squeaky wheel but I am still not understanding what is going on with this node.

I'm wanting to get the watson text to speech bit.

I have it on one machine. Working.

I check the palette manager and installed it on the second machine and am getting the error shown.

Weirdly - or something else - now when I search for that node on the machine it is not found.

Please help.

Ah, this may explain some of the problems:

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