Subflow $ENV variable names feature request

Subflows have an option to have $ENV variables set and used.

But unless you read the documentation - and that it is correct - you may miss one.

An option to make required $ENV variable names shown by Default when set.

So rather than having to remember the names needed, they are there and all you have to do is fill them in.

If you've added env var properties to a subflow template, then the edit dialog for any instance of that subflow will list them.

Can you explain a bit more on what you're suggesting? Perhaps a screenshot to show what and where you're wanting them to be listed.

Ok, that is strange/weird.

I am still at the shallow end of subflows, but am using them more and more.

I have just written another one and it has a lot of ENV variables that are needing to be set.

So this is the subflow when I open it up and look at the ENV part of the config.


Is there a way that the variable names I need to be defined can be automatically put here?
Or am I missing something - obvious?
(I am good at missing elephants now and then)

  1. Edit your subflow (click the 'edit subflow template' button in the screenshot you shared)
  2. Click 'Edit properties' in the subflow toolbar to open up its edit dialog
  3. In the first tab is where you can define Environment Variables. Anything you add to that list will then show up in the properties tab of any instance of the subflow.

Note that these do not show up in the Env Var tab of the instance - they show up on the first Properties tab. The Env Var tab is where you can set additional ones that haven't been predefined for the subflow.

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I am so sorry I missed that.

Thanks very much.


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