Access subflow name like an environment variable?


maybe I'm missing something here... I've created a subflow with environment variables, which I can set when placing the subflow in the mainflow:
In this case I can use ${Test} inside the subflow with no problem. But how do I access the Name-Property (should expand to "MyName" in the example above)?! I can't get this to work, is it possible or do I need an additional enviornment name to accomplish what I want?

Thanks in advance!

You cannot access the name property. You can only access the environment variables you've defined on the subflow.

But you do raise an interesting point that we should consider.


Could you set 'Test' up as an object and pass in the name too - something like {"MyName";"MyVariable"} - I have no idea if this will work or if it is feasible, just a thought....

@knolleary Thank you! Atleast I know now, that I'm not doing something wrong here :slight_smile: Maybe this can be added in a future release.

@zenofmud Yes, I added an additional property (something like NODE_NAME) and currently type in the node name twice (as "Name" and as "NODE_NAME"), works fine, but would be easier to have access to the name property :wink: Thanks for your suggestion.