Subflow setting details from env variables

Sorry folks, the hamster in on holidays upstairs.

Here's what I have so far.

Alas things evolved and it became more difficult.

That worked ok and does work IF the device has only ONE output.

I now have a device that has 3 outputs.

Which throws a spanner in the works with the topic.

So I have the subflow now with this:

Screenshot from 2024-01-27 19-57-57

So the power is entered (numeric only) and I want to append it to the topic - after deleting the 1 which is there now.


Ideally it would be something like:

J: topic&'/cmnd/power'$power

But I am not sure that is the correct syntax.
Yeah, ok, it won't break if I try it.

But I fear my understanding is so far wrong/off, it isn't really going to be working for me.

Thanks in advance.

I just realised I could (maybe) do it this way:

topic&'/cmnd/power'&power in the last line of the change node.

Just want to double check myself.

I am about to try it, but if you wouldn't mind confirming for me anyway.

Ok, that didn't work.

So this is a hack that works.

Yes, it is sloppy, but it works - yes?

topic & '/cmnd/power/' & $env(power)
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Silly me.

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