Suggestions from a Redmatic user

I am new to Node-Red - using it from Redmatic inside - and could not find a specific "suggestions" category, so I am inserting my ideas here:

  1. when creating a flow in my working window (I use a Win 10 PC with 4K monitor), even there I soon had created a nice mess of connectors overlapping and/or been hidden partially behind nodes. From the use of "normal" graphics editors/cadapps I am used to have two features to make graphics more easy to look at/manipulate:
    1.a) having layers to group objects (here: connectors especially) and / or control visibility
    1.b) assigning COLORs (styles) to individual connectors (or groups)

  2. I have nodes which have (currently) up to 7 outputs which are all placed in small vertical distance along the right edge of the node rectangle displayed. For 1, 2 or 3 outputs, its OK for just grapping the correct output to start dragging a connector, but when you have some more and have to keep a (complete) overview of a growing flow, you soon want some help in starting at the correct output. Therefore:
    2.a) allow to "name" an output inside of the node. Especially "function-nodes" control outputs via a Javascript "return [....];" statement. It would be very convenient to do that naming / access the output-pin-names within the code.
    2.b) I have not found out how to set the number of outputs directly inside of a "function-node" source to match that "number of outputs" in the node properties dialog. Is this already possible?.
    2.c) Last but not least, I would like to get some "graphical feedback" in the editor when I move the mouse over a node output (that small ring being the start of a connector). I suggest that there may be a small context help popping up (with the 2.a) "name") and perhaps make this help controlled by a config option - if you want to deactivate such info been shown.

OK, these are my ideas for today. What do you think about them? Any chance to see them in a future release and/or is it possible to help integrate this?

Hi, thanks for the thoughts. I don't know Redmatic so not sure how well it lines up with the latest core functionality. However..

  • Since 1.1 you have been able to group nodes - see Version 1.1 released : Node-RED so you can move them / colour the group etc.
  • Careful use of link nodes allows you to clean up a mess of wires - especially those going from right of screen back to left.
  • Also by segmenting your flow into suitable tabs (and linking via link nodes) - you can "hide" those chunks while you work on others.

-a&c all nodes allow you to assign labels to ports... which then appear when you hover over..

  • b not sure what you mean - the number of "physical" outputs is set by the properties... if the code inside wants to use them or not is up to the code, it can't be done automatically.