Colors and Single Letter on Outputs - see image

This will make sense with Custom Nodes..


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I don't know what kind of node "M42 - Scan" but at least some core nodes - eg Switch - have default tooltip labels for the outputs.

Regarding colours for wires, this might still be relevant.

I really like it. This will be very useful for my industrial application

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This node is a custom node. We have about 20 custom nodes for internal use. (Industrial Control Systems)

I am actually ready to try to do this my self, or ask one of my skilled team members to do this, but it would be great with a comment from the maintainers if they see this feature as valuable, and if they expect this to be going into the NodeRed Code base.

We already have labels on outputs when you hover over them. We didn't want to add yet more labels to the body of the node itself due to space constraints. Limiting it to one or two characters isn't something we'd considered, but I'm not sure it really fits with the visual design we have.

As for colours, your image suggests you want those colours to affect the links as well? Is that part of the proposal or not? There isn't much detail in your original post.

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