Select Custom Colors for Wires?


I would like to submit a feature request to have the ability to edit the color and/or texture (dotted, dashed, etc...) of the "wires" that connect each node.

Occasionally on a flow there are wires that cross underneath a few nodes and I would like to distinguish easily at a glance if the wire "belongs" to that group or if it is just passing beneath.

Thank you for your consideration,

The best approach right now is to make good use of the link nodes.

These let you really simplify complex feedback loops and access to common end points.

As in this case for example:

Hi @topkoa , thanks for the suggestion.

As it currently stands, the flow file format does not provide a way for wires to have any sort of property - they are simply an indication that two nodes are linked.

There have been various suggestions over time for things that could be done if wires had properties, but none of them has been compelling enough to justify the disruption a fundamental change to the flow file format would bring.

So at this time, it isn't something we'd consider. But I do expect at some point in the future we'll properly explore adding properties to the wires at which point this idea could be considered.


Thank you for the detailed response. And the alternative suggestion to use Link nodes. Much Appreciated!

Hey team!

Link Nodes are awesome, but being able to colour a wire would be incredibly helpful.
I have a flow with multiple gate nodes. I would love to be able to colour the wires that I am choosing to send control signals via differently to the main flow wires.

I understand what Nick said about wires not having properties in the current flow format, but these could probably be added without breaking backwards compatibility. Or, if loading new new flows in an old version, why not just update your old version? Nobody expects a DVD to work in a CD player, but imagine if we never improved an area because of backwards compatibility?

I hope this can be reconsidered, as it would be VERY helpful.

Thanks and all the best,