Multi-select wires and change their colors

Hi Guys,

Node-RED is really a very impression project. I really enjoy using it.

May I request a small feature for a future release (if if you have and it fits into your plan for the product)?

Please add the ability to multi-select wires in a flow, and after selecting them (with the mouse of course), add a control-click key which pops up a color picker which permits us to select a color for a one or more wires.

This feature would make it easier to read more complex flow diagrams where we have a lot of wires, sometimes coming out of busy nodes and connecting to other busy nodes, crossing over, etc.

It's not really a "must have" as Node-RED is already like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise; however, this feature would not be hard to add (I am guessing) and would add a lot of value to developers who have complex projects .

In addition, when taking screen shots or making video presentations of Node-RED projects, the added ability to manage the colors (and color groups) of the wiring would enhance user presentation and readability.



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Hi @unixneo, thanks for the suggestion.

I can see the appeal of being able to colour the wires, however it isn't a straightforward change to make.

In the current flow file format, there is no wire object that can hold properties such as colour. A wire only exists because one node knows it is connected to another node.

So we can keep this in mind for the future if we ever change the flow file format to incorporate properties on wires, but in the short term that is unlikely to happen.



To reduce the complexity of your wiring, you may wish to look at the creative use of Link nodes.

I use them extensively, especially where wires would otherwise cross over each other or head off to different parts of a flow tab. I try to limit their use between tabs, they work fine but it can be confusing to come back to later but that is just a personal preference.


Thanks to all who replied.

Wire nodes seem to have value in many use cases so I will try them in the future.

I assume wire nodes can only be uses within a flow.

Sorry for the novice question.... is there a type of "wire node" designed to work between different flows?

To clarify - they are called Link nodes, not Wire nodes. And yes, a Link nodes can be joined between two different flows (tabs) in the editor.

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Awesome Nick!

That is all I have for now and so I will stop asking questions as this time so as not to take your time away from making more of your great YT videos.

Top shelf all around from the Node-RED team!

Thank you !!

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