Support of Bluetooth Mesh devices?

Dear community,
I am currently trying to control a bluetooth mesh light dimmer with a ESP32. Everyday I get closer... :wink:

If ever some work is currently made to provide with nodes to control bluetooth mesh devices, I would be very happy to know.

Thank you !

Hi @NR_on_docker Welcome to The forums.

"on node red" isn't quite right :nerd_face:

You can install extra nodes that adds many flavours of functionality.
Node RED is packaged with its core nodes, but one can install K's of other nodes to bring new functionality to it's base configuration.

Check out - this is the place to find new nodes.,

among them is

Disclaimer : I have no experience with this node.

You can install nodes via the pallete menu within Node RED.
its the extra nodes - that opens up your dreams and inner most desires

There will be many bluetooth nodes - this was the first hit

Hi @marcus-j-davies :wave:
Thank you for such a quick reply.

I think the [node-red-contrib-noble-bluetooth] nodes are good for controlling bluetooth low energy.
But à priori not for controlling the bluetooth devices which are actually within a bluetooth mesh network. A new specification of bluetooth recently released, but promised to a great future.

I say à priori cause installing this palette made my flow crashed. I am running NR under Docker, that might explain why... :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Oh! node-red-contrib-noble-bluetooth was just an example.

I suppose the point I'm trying to make, is features such as Bluetooth Mesh support is based on the contributed nodes to the platform.

From a source I know of ~ 3223 nodes exist as of 2021.
You can make that 3224 if you understand the mesh protocol and serial communications
needed :wink:

you might find a node that does this already :man_shrugging:

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