Swapping data with Javascript

Hi everyone. I have a problem with my Node-Red project.
I just want to read a data from Siemens PLC and then pass this value to a javascript function without using protocol like WebSocket.
In this moment i'm connecting to a PLC Siemens S7-1500 using "S7 node".
The Js function will be read in a WebServer application (this function is recalled by a HTML page). I have already done stuff like that by using a WebSocket system but in this case i don't need that kind of protocol. If you know how to do it please let me know! Thank you all previously! :grinning:

Do you mean you want to send data from node-red to a webserver on a different system?
If so then one way is to use an http request node to POST it to the server.
If that isn't what you mean then give more details please.

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