Swapping order value and label in text nodes?

Basically I want to display a value and follow it with a unit type. The text node almost gives me what I want if I use the label for the units. But I can't change the order of the label and value so it looks weird.

Is there a way to add layouts to the text node or is there an alternative text node that lets me change the other of the label and value?

Is the units text constant? If so then you can add the units in the Value Format field of the text node as described in the help text for the node. You can use, for example
{{msg.payload}} RPM

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You can leave Label blank and put the units in the Value format field:
Untitled 6

Edit: snap!

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Ah, now the format of that field makes more sense. I'm still a newbie to languages like Javascript and it did not occur to me that I was looking at mustache formatting.


Just to confuse you further. In this case it is not moustache. It is an angular formatter. But there are only so many markup symbols to use so they use the same ones. {{ }}


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