Switch filname for data

Hallo together,

//Dateinamen zum speichern generieren
msg.fname = "Charge_" + yyyy + mm + dd + ".csv";
//Pfadangabe + Filename
msg.filename = "M:/folder1/folder2"+ msg.fname;

my problem is that i get an error with that hard drive M:
i dont wanna save datas to my ssd hard drive.

Can someone give me a tip how i can switch harddrive for only this flow?

Spazial Thanks

I think you will need to give more information about what you want to do. If you don't want to use M: then can you not just change it to whatever drive you want?

This code is not working i got a debugging fault:

"failed to create file: Error: Path contains invalid characters: /M:/folder1"

If i dont use hard drive in flilename it works perfect.

Add a debug node set to Output Complete Message showing what is coming out of your function node. Also tell us what happens to the message. If it goes to a File node then show us how you have configured the file node.

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