Switch node default check all conditions

Hi There!

A couple of times now I've had a weird errors because I make the wrong assumption that the switch-node stops after the first match - by default. Unfortunately it checks all conditions and does all true conditions by default ...

Is there a way to change that default to be stop after the first match? For me, a switch is a switch statement which (in most languages) stops after the first match - hence my confusion.

Which brings me to another question (sorry if I'm repeating others here): I would really like to define my own set of nodes but simply as existing nodes with different default values. Another example is that I would like to have a debug node that logs the complete msg object as a default instead of just the payload attribute (as default).

My workaround has been to create such "modified default values nodes" in my flows and then copy and paste those nodes ,,, But I would love to have a favourites list in the side bar so that I can just drag and drop them into place.


I am +1 for a change to the default for this. I have often thought that the default should be to stop after first match.


OK, deep in the darkest recesses of the menu I found what I was looking for: Subflows!

Mea culpa for not looking harder :slight_smile:

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