Switch Node on UI

I have a quick query that someone may have come across how to solve. I have an input coming in from a barcode scanner and i want to direct it to individual output texts on a UI.
Is there a way to toggle or switch on and off the barcode input at specific nodes so they will be sent to designated outputs, if that makes sense??

I have 1 barcode scanner but wish to display 2 different lot numbers on the same ui.


how do you tell them apart ? What can you use to direct them ?

I have them in different groups on in the UI. I have tried renaming them with no joy. I tried using a switch(UI) node but that only sends true/false values.
Im not sure if it can be done without using some kind of mqtt setup but want to try keep it locally on 1 device inside of importing alot of needless signal.s
I have tried using toggles, routing, switch and change nodes but i need to be able to select on the UI which data is populated ie job 1 or job 2.

Add a button in each group

Have the buttons set a flow variable to 1 or 2

When the barcode is read, use a switch node to look at the flow variable. Go down path 1 if 1 else.... (You get the idea)

Note. I am assuming the scanner connects to the backend (to node-red side) and causes a msg to be sent.

Barcode scanner connected to Siemens IoT2020 and being read fine in node red with msg.payload.
I want to give the user the option of selecting which job to populate with the barcode scan, thats why i was trying the switch butoon onscreen in the UI.

Got sorted here, thanks everyone.

2 UI switches going to individual switch nodes and running flow.state, on barcode scan to 2 change nodes looking for flow states. The UI switches when true determine which group in populated with the barcode scan.

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