Switch node-red losing data

I have a question.
There is data coming from my Domoticz system.
My flow is working every day with a timer.
Not every day i have to need to run that flow.
Now i wanted to make a switch between json node and the timer.
If I place there a switch a lose my data,
Please help,

what is the data coming to the switch node?
What are the settings in your switch node?
what do you expect the switch node to do?

To add to what @zenofmud says, attach debug nodes to the output pin of EVERY node - you will be able see what is happening & understand why your switch is blocking.

here I made picture from switch i wanted to use and also with the debug collecting data
I like temporarily block the data from my domoticz system.'
Slowly i'm learning how to use node maybe i use the wrong switch node or configured wrong.
The switch in the picture in not configured.

If you want to block messages under some circumstances then have a look node-red-contrib-simple-gate which you can use to pass or block messages.

Well that doesn't help at all to know what you have configured.However, you could checl msg.topic to see if it contains 'domoticz'

Thanks Colin , that node-red-contrib-simple-gate was the node that I needed.
And also thanks to zenofmud and Steve-MCi for helping me.

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