Switch Node where cond. with more values

Hi there all,
I need to tell to a Switch Node to make 2 output
one for received "Saturday" or "Sunday"
the second for received "Monday" or "Tuesday" or "Wednesday" or "Thursday" or "Friday"

I know that can be simple... but I can't understand how to write in this node:

Anybody can help me please ?
Thanks a lot

There are several ways of writing this.
One possible solution:

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It's work !!!
...never think about regex...

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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If you know the global will always be setup with a day of the week then you can use Otherwise as the second test. However you might want to keep it as it is so that the message is not sent at all if the global has not yet been setup.


Thanks a lot Colin,
in fact I have used "else" for the second test

Thanks all

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