Switch not working

Hello guys, can someone tell me whats wrong with this switch I am using to create a telegram chatbot?

I would send you the nodes but i cant expose my telegram bot token so i will send some prints instead

this is my flow, the problem is the bot just stops before it enters in the "submenu-1" node, like my switch its not working at all

that its mine switch node and im using "== 1", witch is the value of my payload.content at the moment

Idk if im doing something stupid or its a bug, so if anyone could help i woul appreciate

ps: sorry for my bad english

But you have == string selected. Are you sure your content is not a number? (although it looks like a string with the "1") :thinking:

i try to use number but nothing changes, and im pretty sure that its a string :thinking:

Toss in some debug nodes to see what is happening


thats what the debug returns

I set up a simple test... you need to use == "1", == "2", etc... for an incoming string

like this?

i tried, it does not work

Hmm, works for me...



i think its entering in the switch option because I got a return in the debug node, but it doesn't activate my "submenu-1" node idk why...

Put a debug after the submenu... you can also set the debug to output complete message object to see everything that is happening. You are doing that :blush:

Will a "1" activate it? (I think that is what the switch is passing on), or does it expect a 1

I did it!! thanks for the help, it was missing another "telegram sender" to work, but now its ok :grinning:

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