Switch to another group in dashboard


is it possible to switch to another UI-Group in Dashboard with an inject node e.g.?

I want to realize something like a digital signage. Every 10 seconds it should change a picture and other informations and show them in different groups.

I have the following groups:

  • weather: showing open weather values
  • city: City info
  • images: showing images, what could be defined by the user.

I would set the inject to interval of 20sconds.
It should begin with the city information.
Then switch to the Weather group and then the images should be displayed in their own group.

Question is: how can I switch to the other group, if my user only sees the dashboard ui?

Thanks a lot.


Have you tried ui_control

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You could try a template node with js code for show/hide group. In dashboard, group has a node-id attribute so you could easily find them to manipulate DOM
You could also try to implement a carousel js to make animation smoother or have more effect, but will require more work than a simple show hide with a setInterval fuction

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