Sync series between charts

I am processing data form different sensors. As each individual data comes in aggregate the data by series, and send the results out into two charts:

  • Bar chart that shows the aggretated data for each sensor
  • Line charts shows the current data as a historgram

For the bar chart, I obviously pass all the data over in a single message, but for the line chart I pass the data as it arrives. My problem is that based on how the data comes in, gets stored, etc. the colours in the two charts do not match. A particular sensor may pick up the green colour in the bar chart, but yellow in the line chart.
Do you have a trick to keep them aligned? Documentation says: " Alternatively you can use the property series instead of topic if you prefer." But it looks like series expects a label as well, not an ID.

On startup if you send a null piece of data to each topic in turn then you can get the colours to line up as they get assign as they come in.

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