Syntax for sending mqtt variable

This sould be a simple one. I set up an espeasy connected to a lcd, listening for cmd from mqtt to display data.

In NR I use a mqtt node and inject a payload of:
lcd,3,1,abc and the lcd display abc, so all good to display static string.

What is the syntax to change abc to display a variable, say global.var1?

I tried:
lcd,1,1,{{global.var1}} and it display {{global.var1}}

So that does not work. I am sure I ve done this before, just cant remember how.


Hi Ken,
Here are a couple of links to some tutorial guides I wrote for my IoT students a couple of years ago.
Although I've not used them for over a year, due to the pandemic, they should still work.



Please note the MQTT nodes in the tutorial show a topic with a leading slash (/).
This is deprecated now, so please don't use that. Also make sure the settings in the MQTT controller in the slave device, that is running ESPeasy, match what you use in Node-RED.

Hope it works out for you.

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