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Hello together,

im trying to get familiar with Uibuilder and I need some advice.

I want to display the data in a simple bootstrap table but the vuejs code i used didnt worked.

The data are already loaded and displayed so i dont need to add specific code to input.js, right?

Can anybody give me a hint how the code in the table should look like so that the data will be displayed?

Thanks a lot.

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At a guess, you are not familiar with VUE? If so, you really need to learn about how vue does things. There are tonnes of beginers tutorials and free info out there.

To point you in "a direction", look at the bootstrap table examples here & how they bind to a data item called items. If you replicate that, then put YOUR payload into items - you will have a working table.

You probably need to share some of your front-end code since we can't see what is happening here.

If you are having problems with b-table, I suggest starting with a simplified set of data and just passing it straight to b-table so that you understand the relationship between the data and the table.

But to me it looks like you have created a table manually - how did you expect that to work with uibuilder/Vue?

bootstrap-vue is included for that purpose - to give you really easy ways to write complete web UI's.

Check out the b-table component on the bootstrap-vue docs site.

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