Tab order in edit screen changing

(And my friend the subflow.)

My latest project (designing a subflow) is the right most tab.

When I got most of it there I copied the nodes into a new subflow and opened it TO THE RIGHT of that tab.

Sometimes I have to refresh the page - like testing things and NOT DEPLOYING the flow.
I refresh it to lose the changes.
the subflow tab moves to become the SECOND FROM THE LEFT tab. Not the right most - where it was.

There is/are.....
(Gee it would be nice is the up/down arrows would move the selected tab when I hope the tab list)
50+ tabs. That is a LOT of moving if I want to scroll it.

So I have to close the view; shift click on the scroll right (luckily that jumps to the right most tab) and re-open it.

Didn't used to happen AFAIK.

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