Navigating the editor tabs

Some of my projects have a large number of tabs each (sometimes 50+). This makes the horizontal scrolling of the tab something slow. In order to mitigate I reprogrammed the keyboard shortcuts using the left and right arrows to move to the next tab left and right. This is a way better than using the mouse to scroll. I wish I could use the up arrow key to quick jump to the first tab (left-most) and the down arrow key to quick jump to the last tab (right-most). Does anyone has an idea if this is possible at all ? Perhaps using some API resource or whatever ? I guess it should not be impossible as all that it is needed to move to another flow is passing a new url to the current browser tab, right ?

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What have you programmed them to in order to achieve that?

Hi Colin,

When you select Keyboard Shortcuts in the menu you will presented with the setting screen.

By clicking in a row will allow you to config the key. Screenshot below show the config for the right arrow.

Oh yes, sorry, I thought you were talking about system shortcuts.

Here is a workaround to quickly navigate from the right-most to the left-most tab (and vice versa). I just created a dummy tab named "First" and another one named "Last" each one positioned in its corner in the scrolling bar. I then type control f to open the search dialog pane and type First or Last depending on what I want.