Jump from 1st flow tab to last one

If there a shortcut method (like ctrl-shift-alt-f43 or something) to get from my 1st flow tab to my last flow tab

Confession: I currently have 90 tabs on my Win10 Node-RED instance .....


(Slightly off topic, but I have FF with about 77 - just counted them - windows/sessions, and each can have from 1 to a lot of tabs.)

It is fun finding things.

That would be nice indeed.

I configured a couple of shortcuts to easy the tab navigation. I navigate using only the left and right arrows in the keyboard. It would help if the list of tabs could be sequential / circular (the next node after the last one would be the first node and vice versa).

(Another dumb question from me)

Nice, and I can get why you maybe chose the keys.

But Ctl Shift J and K do that too.

Is it only to keep things simple?
(No offence)

I am still learning all the keyboard shortcuts.

Right, using those two keys is more intuitive for me. Also quicker to reach due to the layout of the keyboard.

Fair enough.

Silly me had never really looked at that - though I now admit I should.

I too have a LOT of tabs on some machines.

All good.

In fact there is a trick for a quick navigation but only works when you want to go from any tab to the last one. Just click on the plus icon in the top bar. This will create a new empty flow at the end of the flow tabs. However you need to delete afterwards the extra tab.

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So you could add a keyboard shortcut for Add Flow and one for Delete Flow that are next to each other...


I just tried and it works like a charm. Loved the idea !

I've come up with another workaround
Make a new tab flow called \ (or whatever you like)

Then click on List Flows

and just type \ and click it
to get there


That was my previous method but was slowing me down doing the deleting :slight_smile: