Table seems to disappear after refreshing page

The table node I am using ends up disappearing after I refresh the UI page. The table node isn't able to connect with a node on the right, whereas the topics I see on the internet the table nodes they are able to connect on both sides.

the ui-table node only has an output if you set the "send data" option
otherwise there is nothing to send :slight_smile:

How do you send data to your table? This determines if the data is refreshed by the dashboard on reload.

I send it via msg.payload, from a function node.

its goes something very similar to this:

> Blockquote

var tblmsg={}

"solution": "dataInput",
"attributes": [{"time": global.get('currenttime')}]
node. send(tblmsg);

return null;

Now this information does send having looked at when manually debugging. Not sure how to make it so that the information stays after refreshing or even after changing a page

There are two ways of feeding data into your table.

  • The simple / normal way sending a array (rows) of objects (columns) like
msg.payload = [
  {"col1":2,"col2":"another Name"}

this fills the table with data. The data is cached by the daschboard and will be replayed for new clients or page refresh.

  • or by sending (many) commands: like (this will add another row to your table)
msg.payload = {

but in this case the data is not cached and you have to resend it if you refresh your browser or a new client connects as noted in the docs:

important notices
Data which is sent to ui-table through commands is not cached by ui-table! The flow has to take care to update the table for new clients connection or dashboard tab changes!

This makes ui-table very versatile able to manipulate data on cell level but also a little bit more complicated.

Your example should not work at all (sending a object not following the "command" "arguments" "returnPromise" scheme.