Table with UI-SVG

hi I need insert table to dashboard in SVG-graphics node
for show all event viewed in message field

but i cant see any tools for than in SVG editor
any id for that

Hi, do you want to show a table INSIDE your SVG like this?


Then you will have do draw rectangles with text inside, and update those text via messages?
Or am I missing something perhaps?

thx to reply
I known this trick but problem for msg length and cell
but i need more pro tool
exp : lik this

The screenshot you post uses the ui-table node. Can’t you use that and add it as a separate widget to the dashboard?

Overall the html can be embedded into svg by using foreginObject but if it is supported by node I don't know. Some browsers don't support this. So not widely used.

OK thank to all
if no way to embedded HTML to svg am changed to widget

Just got a mail from the author of DrawSvg (which is the SVG editor that we have embedded into our node), that his new version offers tools to draw horizontal and vertical lines in an easy way. See a showcase here (at the right bottom there is a "play" button). This way it might perhaps be easier for you to draw a table in SVG ...

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for horizontal and vertical line yes i known this am worked wit him today
but if used to build my table not server me because
recived msg its undefined length of size
so overflowed

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