Take care while working with VS Code

Sorry to be the fun police, but this whole thread is not very on-topic for a forum about Node-RED.

If it descends into a discussion over any one company's motives in the OSS space, then it will be completely off-topic and locked from any further contribution.

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I have my own Subversion server "in the cloud" (VM) which syncs with repos on a local NAS. I use this for storing all sorts of junk - even photos and office type documents (who said source control was only for code!). Day-to-day disaster recovery for everything is done with rsync to an external HDD. I still use GitHub for a lot of stuff, but a move is planned at some point.

A local NAS can happily take the place of GitHub, that's the benefit of git. Indeed, you can run a git server on pretty much anything.

I was using GitLab but now GitHub provides a limited set as well. Of course, that home server will give you as many as you have storage for.

No, it doesn't do anything hidden with git, you control it. Also, git will tell you if something goes wrong and it has been developed over a lot of years to be reliable and to fail safe.

Of course, git won't help unless you commit your changes.


For the sake of the initial discussion, here is the link to the issue that was mentioned: