Cool GitHub editing trick

(1) GitHub Projects on Twitter: "Github1s is really nice. Just add "1s" after "github" when viewing code on GitHub and VS Code loads up instantly:" / Twitter

You can open up any of your code on GitHub straight into an online version of VScode.

Note that this is a 3rd-party tool so you may need to pay attention to security and privacy. But it is still a really useful thing.

A nice browser extension that adds a drop-down to open your code in one of several online editors: zvizvi/Github-Web-IDE: :zap: Open Github repositories in online web IDE


Is it just read-only, ie only view - not edit?

I assume you can sign-up or do something to get edit. I haven't tried yet.

Yeah, its only read-only - for quickly viewing a project in a vscode-like environment. I think it is related to gitpod which does give you editing (various plans from $0 ~ $35 per month)

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The extension I mention is pretty neat. That will take you to several different online editors.

Probably won't need this that often but nice when you want to dip into someone's code and make sense of it.

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