TCP reply to Teltonika RUTX11 Modem

Hi i m a beginer in node red i have begin a project with worldmap everything is fine.
i would like to add function like make an AVL parser with my modem Teltonika RUTX11 ( )
i can receive TCP header message (imei) and the modem wait for an 0x01 to continue
I try with tcp reply msg.payload String.fromCharCode(0x01) but no way
This modem can send http message with a position but for me tcp (raw) sending/receiving is better less data.


How much data are we talking, a few hundred bytes in the response?

How often are you reading (how fast do you NEED to poll the data)?

Do you have a function prepared to calculate the 32bit CRC?

TCP is likely doable but I am doubtful about the effort vs benefit.

@Steve-Mcl - I thought this would be a great use for your new buffer parser node....

Possibly Dave. But without knowing more, difficult to tell.

My thoughts were, if the http response is relatively small, only required infrequently & the data is already nicely formated - I'm not certain the benefits of are worth the work needed to calculate that CRC.

If the OP insists on using TCP, I can certainly help out with a demo.

it may be streaming tcp so no need to poll ... but yes

Hi here difference between http and tcp (modem send data every 20seconds )
Http send all protocol

HTTP Version
POST /?imei=&serial_num=110362xxxx HTTP/1.1
Accept: /
Content-Type: application/vnd.teltonika.nmea
Content-Length: 1261
Expect: 100-continue


vs TCP 000000000000003608010000016B40D8EA30010000000000000000000000000000000105021503010101425E0F01F10000601A014E0000000000000000010000C7CF

So it's nothing earth shattering. In fact it's pretty small.

Reading that long version every 20s is probably equivalent to 100bytes/sec. Its didily squat.

However if you insist, let me know what values you want & what format (int 16, float 32, uint32 etc) I have a nice easy way of converting all that raw TCP data on the fly (in node-red obviously)

Yes it s small the real problem is that the http protocol is only on the new rutx11 firmware
The tcp protocol is on all teltonika modem/tracker model
I try to make an universal connector and learn how to use this tcp function :smiley:

Understand. Good luck.

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Seems you have many options

Yes it s a powerfull hardware tracking is a possibilities
i m waiting they implement tracking over mqtt (will be more easy to dispatch) and also they will implement wireguard vpn :smiley: n may this year ...)

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