TCP request node doesn't output nothing if error

Hi! Thanks for help!
I'm using this node to test some services on loopback, SSH, Telnet, HTTP per example, I'm checking the result sting, for example if I?m thestiong the port 80 and I receive the first 4 chars of TCP message HTTP for me is enough to declare the service active and responsive. If not I'll reboot Raspberry by Watchdog.
The problem is that if I have an error, for exaple on that port nothing is answering, the node doesn't have any output, I just have a on debug:

25/4/2019, 15:57:58node: Test port HTTP 80
msg : string[29]
"connect failed"

how can I enable an output with the error to activate the following nodes connected? Thank you!
PS: I tried to chance the module myself but can't find it

You can configure a catch node to catch the errors of a specific node on the same tab.

Thank you, ok I'm doing it